R&D Projects

The year 1 project plan for iJC3 Cyber R&D activities spans high-bandwidth network monitoring, network and host-based attack detection, and attack response, including the following projects and their corresponding sub-elements:

High-Bandwidth Network Monitoring (BNL, FNAL, LANL, LBNL)
  • Packet Capture: Distributed, Multi-Site Packet Capture with PcapDB
  • Realtime Analytics: Application Oriented Network Traffic Analysis Based on GPUs
  • High-Bandwidth Monitoring And Early Threat Response Framework

Cyberattack Detection Using Distributed Data from High-Bandwidth WAN Environments and Host-Based Sensors (INL, LANL, LBNL, LLNL, ORNL, PNNL, SNL)
  • Effectiveness of Weak Indicators and Analytics from Network and Host Data
  • Distributed detection of DDoS Attacks on the WAN
  • Detecting and Understanding Network Attacks Against Cyber-Physical Systems

Intrusion Response (ANL, INL, PNNL, SNL)
  • Cyber-Physical Resilience (CyPhyRe) Visualization
  • Moving Target Defense (MTD)